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Theo Rogers

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Theo Rogers
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Theo Rogers is a Buce Player whose entry into Buce in 2009 made him one of the youngest Buce players to play the game. Similarly, he has captained the youngest team in Buce's history and is also known for being incredibly controversial both on and off the field.


Theo Rogers is the younger brother of Charlie Rogers, and originally applied to be a bench attacker for The Avalanches during the 2009 Buce League. When rejected, he was tentatively invited into Team Blek for the remainder of their season, but had too many personal issues with players in the team.

In light of the 2009 Winter Buce League, Theo founded his own team, The Scourge. Recruiting basketballers and rugby players from his age group, The Scourge quickly became critised for their lack of power, experience or talent. Particular rivalries also arose between Theo Rogers and Ashley Everson.

Theo eventually captained his team to a respectable 4th place in the 2009W League, above rivals Team Blek. Theo won several awards in regard to his manor as a captain and as a Buce player.

Theo Rogers is known on and off the field for being incredibly aggressive, competitive and abusive towards both his own players and opponents. His behaviour and actions mimic that of 2008's Buce bad-boy Michael Read.

Throughout Theo's career, he has established and maintained several rivalries and nemeses, including, but not limited to: Keith Rogers, Hamish Rogers, Ashley Everson, Lewis Freeland, Jaxon Ireland, Jackson Cowan, Noah Church, Tre Clifford and Chris Beavon. Throughout this time, he also instigated several public confrontations between The Scourge and teams such as The Avalanches, Novice Strike Force, The Toecutters and Team Blek.


The Scourge: 2009W, 2010




Theo Rogers was the first player ever to be sent off the field during a professional Buce match.

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