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The Toecutters

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The original logo for the Toecutters.

The Toecutters are a seniors team, founded for the 2009 Winter Buce League and led by prominent ex-Blek player Keith Rogers. The team is full of over-35 year old players and rely on their teamwork and physical superiority to score points in their matches.


The Toecutters were formed by Keith Rogers- oldest member of the Rogers Family. Rogers played a season with Team Blek, before leaving to create his own team after Blek's declining performance during the season.

Assembling multiple senior players, whos sporting background prominently include soccer and tennis, Rogers started the Toecutters team, hoping to spark a new contestant for 2009 Winter Buce League Grand Finalists. The Toecutters came 3rd in the season behind the Sunflowers and the Avalanches, but infront of the Scourge.

The Team Colour(s) for the Toecutters.

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