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The Sunflowers

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The Sunflowers are a team of 5 notable Buce players that had existed during the 2009 Winter Buce League. Before the 2009W League they existed as the Sonic Force Buce Club, for the duration of the 2009 Buce League.

The original emblem of the Sonic Force Buce Club.



The Sunflowers consisted of:

The Sunflowers team emblem.


LEWIS' takeover of the team mid-2009 saw new hope for the Quad Team veterans.

The players that form The Sunflowers all have extensive Buce backgrounds. Bevan, Freeland, Forbes and Murdoch all played vital parts in the inaugural 2008 Buce League, earning prestigious titles at the 2008 Buce League Awards. These players are members of the Original 8 and helped build the Quad Team to have a reputation of dominance in the game.

Sonic Force Buce Club

The Sunflowers were originally named Sonic Force Buce Club, founded by Guy Bevan for the 2009 Buce League. However, despite having dominant and impressive players, the team found a lot of difficulty integrating their skill and experience into a cohesive Bucing team which led to their poor performance in the league. SFBC came equal last with Buce rookies Team Blek. Despite being tipped as favourites in the competition, their journey through the 2009 Buce League had them suffer nightmare loses to teams such as Blek, Avalanches and The Hawks.

SFBC captain Guy Bevan ended the nightmarish season by passing the captaincy of the team to Lewis Freeland, a prized game analyst. In a press release at the end of the 2009 Buce League Bevan was quoted: “The only people I respect in my team are me, Lewis and Alec. The rest of you can get *expletive*.” It was clear that Bevan couldn’t handle the aggravation that captaincy can offer. Freeland reluctantly accepted the captaincy stating: “If I was a fan I’d be sceptical.” Criticisms have been aimed at Freeland for not being a “fan” of his team.

The Sunflowers

Searching for a new image and playing style Bevan renamed the team: The Sunflowers. A new team emblem was developed and The Sunflowers were officially created. The Sunflowers consisted of the same team as before except with the release of rookie defender Toby Travalos, who would find himself move over to Novice Strike Force for the next league.

Upon the announcement of the 2009 Winter Buce League, The Sunflowers immediately signed up and had themselves fight for a better place in the competition. Despite scepticism from game analysts over the lack of change from their previous underachieving team lineup, they managed to take on the top teams to make it into the Grand Final for the 2009W League. Despite losing to The Avalanches, captain Lewis Freeland went on record as saying he was incredibly impressed with how the team went in the league.

After the end of the grand final, The Sunflowers disbanded along with The Avalanches for what was to become a major part of the League Balance Strategy.


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