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The Snowflowers

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The Snowflower's Logo and Mascot, Buce Monkey.
The Snowflowers are a Buce team that were founded between the 2009W and 2010 Buce Leagues, as part of the League Balance Strategy. The team is heavily reminiscent of The Quad Team.


Main Article: League Balance Strategy

The Snowflowers were developed as part of an initiative to balance the league out after The Avalanches' domination throughout both 2009 leagues. After the break-up of the Avalanches and The Sunflowers, many key players saw themselves join other teams, including Rick Osman, Tim Murdoch and Guy Bevan's shift over to The Giants, and Charlie Rogers' move to The Wu-Tang Clan.

The remnants of this break up were considered balanced enough to become one conjoined team, which was later announced to be captained by LEWIS Freeland. The team quickly became favourites to make it into the semi finals for the 2010 league.

The Snowflowers' players hold many roots to Buce's history, including having many prominent Original 8 players, and now being the only true team to have their all players derive from the Quad Team.


The Snowflowers' lineup is said to be heavily reminiscent of the Quad Team of 2008. However, without other key players, the team chose a more contemporary image for the Buce team.

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