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The Hawks

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Buce Team
The Hawks
Hawks logo redeux circa 2011
Founded: Summer 2009
Status: Confirmed
Founder: Michael Read

Leagues Played: 4
Minor Premierships: 0
Finals Appearances: 2
Grand Finals Appearances: 1
Major Premierships: 0

For/Against: -18
Wins: 8
Draws: 4
Losses: 10

Last Updated: 22:35, 28 May 2011 (EST)

The Hawks, founded by members of the 2008 League's "Front Team", was one of two teams consisting of former Front Team players in the 2009 Buce League. It was generally considered the most controversial team of the 2009 Summer League mostly due to captain Michael Read's off-field lifestyle.


2009 Summer League

The Hawks celebrate the Grand Final's first points, and Andrew Shakespeare's, The Hawks' and the League's first Double Buce, leaving the score at this stage in the game at 4-1.
Timeout tactics at the 2009 Summer Grand Final. Then Gritz player and future Hawks top scorer Mitch Furner listens in.

The original lineup of the team in Summer 2009 consisted of:

The team were renowned for their determination in the final two rounds of the Summer 2009 League in their attempts at stopping the formidable Avalanches from securing the Grand Final win, but these efforts fell short of their goal, leaving The Hawks as runners up for the league. Rumours of strenuous and, at times, inhumane training practices were abundant during this time.

2009 Winter League

After a tumultuous time for the former Front Team representatives, both the Gritz and Hawks teams were left short of numbers for the Winter 2009 League. Many players such as Michael Read and Wilson Leung left Newcastle for other cities, including Sydney and Brisbane, pursuing academic and career-related paths, whilst others, including Samuel Curley and Mandeep Anand, could not participate in the Winter League due to similar commitments at home. The player shortage forced the two former front teams to merge, leaving them with a common lineup of:

  • Nick Allan (captain)
  • Mitch Furner - Hawks stalwart and one of the team's most valuable attackers
  • Laurie Jones - A dedicated new recruit for the Hawks and a rookie Buce player from the familiar proving grounds of Merewether High School. Broke his ankle playing soccer before Round 5 of the league and as a result missed the remainder of the season.
  • Andrew "Shakey" Shakespeare - When he wasn't reffing. Also a high scorer for the team. Scored the team's only double buce of the 2008 Summer League
  • Daniel "Pom" Carr - When he wasn't reffing. The only Hawk who can stand up to the league's tallest players.
  • Tim "Tabel" Abel - When he wasn't at footy. He's pretty coordinated.
  • Daniel "Dandy" Herd - The team's only Shortland player. An aggressive defender.
  • and Samuel Curley - When he wasn't working. Won "Laziest Player" in 2008. Can score sometimes.

Phillip Chow played the Hawks' last game of the Winter League in Round 7. However, the Hawks failed to qualify for the semi-finals, going down to The Toecutters in their final game of the season.

2010 Summer League

The original "Crazy Hawk Lady" logo, created in early 2009.

There was much new found enthusiasm amongst the Hawks for the 2010 Summer League, with the return of influential figures Michael Read, Wilson Leung and Mandeep Anand, to name a few. With a few years experience, and a physical and mental maturing amongst the roster, the Hawks were seen as a solid side capable of going all the way in the league.

The 2010 Summer roster consisted of:

  • Michael Read (c) - Back from a gaol sentence in a faraway Dutch Prison, not much has been seen of Read since the 2009 summer league. Making a brief appearance for the 2009 Winter League Grand Final, it is obvious he hadn't shaved or showered during the whole adventure. Read brought back to the Hawks a solid and strict captain capable of rallying his team when it is most crucial.
  • Mitch Furner - A strong attacker, becoming a bit of a buce veteran with an eye for goal.
  • Laurie Jones - His debut season cut short by a sickening injury, Laurie was a reliable and talented midfielder.
  • Daniel Carr - A new addition, and a tall timber the Hawks can call their own. Hoping to add some staunch to the leagues already staunchiest outfit.
  • Tim Abel - Possesses an ability to juggle a sack in a way that no other member of the Hawks can. Will feature prominently in the Midfield and Forward lines for the Hawks in 2010.
  • Nick Allan - missed the first three rounds of the 2010 Summer League, but, upon his return from Asia, rejoined his old team mates for the remainder of the season.
  • Mandeep Anand - A regular during the season and veteran Hawks player, Mandeep's infectious enthusiasm and intense playing style stands out in this team. Mandeep has been quoted as saying he has cut down on his profanities for this season.
  • Wilson Leung - Played the first half of the season. Wilson often carried his team with his uncanny scoring ability in the most unlikely of situations.
  • Andrew Shakespeare - Nymph hands. Shakey was rarely seen this season due to cricket commitments

The Hawks played a very good season in the Summer months - something that was, unfortunately, not represented in their overall points on the ladder. Often losing games in the last minutes of the game, after being ahead for much of it, or losing by one or two points, many of the games in this season ended in frustration for these once Grand Finalists. With only three wins, one draw, and four crushing losses, the Hawks missed out on a spot in the semi-finals for the second season running - a disappointing turn out for a team that showed so much promise at the start of the year.

Two Hawks players (Michael Read and Tim Abel) were invited to play in the 2010 Pioneer's Cup against The Original 8.

Cancelled 2010 Winter League and Buce League (2011)


The Hawks were expected to return in a similar format to previous seasons for the 2010 Winter League. Guy Bevan had been signed to the team in a move expected to greatly impact upon the Hawks' Finals chances for the season. A healthy rivalry had been building during the off-season between the Hawks and a rumoured Wollongong-based team captained by Keiran Donahay-Genoni, but with the season's cancellation the teams never met on-field.

With the new year in 2011 came the announcement that after 12 Buce-less months a new league was indeed going to take place, beginning in late March, outside the scorching 40-degree heat of the summer months and before the daylight hours became too short in June/July. The Hawks will play in this season with an expanded 2010 Winter lineup, including Guy Bevan, Keiran Donahay-Genoni and all the regular Hawks names.

The Uniform

The Hawks classic uniform, as worn in the 2009 Buce League.

The instantly recognisable blue and white colours of The Hawks were agreed upon by the original members for several reasons, the first being that blue is the colour of blue jays, blueberries, the sky and therefore the ocean, and the planet Neptune. Blue is also the primary flag colour of many strong modern countries, such as Israel, Greece, and Somalia. But the biggest reason Blue was chosen was that it has a wavelength of roughly 440–490 nm, which pleased then captain, Michael Read. When asked about the secondary colour, white, Michael Read explained that "white is the superior colour, racially" and that "there was little choice involved".


  • A record three Hawks members have scored Double Buces: Andrew Shakespeare, Mitchell Furner, and Michael Read.
  • Andrew Shakespeare was the first Buce player not originating from the Quad Team to enter the Double Buce Club. Mitch Furner was the second.
  • The numbers "0", "2", "4", and "9" appeared on the uniforms of Hawks players Nick Allan, Andrew Shakespeare, Michael Read and Mandeep Anand, respectively, for the 2009 Summer Buce League Grand Final. It has been revealed that the numbers were chosen randomly, with the exception of "0", which was chosen "for teh lulz".
  • The Hawks were the first team to have their own Cheer Squad appear at a Buce game, in the 2009 Summer Grand Final
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