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The Giants

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The Giants are a Buce team that were founded for the 2010 Buce League. They are noted for being specifically manufactured with novice players mixed with older veteran players.

The logo for The Giants.


The Novice Strike Force team colours.
The Giants team colours.

The Giants were originally a team called Novice Strike Force in the 2009 Winter Buce League, founded and captained by Lachlon Willis. The team were favourites to lose the competition, and did so spectacularly with no wins and an 1:83 for:against ratio. Players in NSF became winners of such awards as Worst Player in the 2009 Winter Buce League Awards, as well as the Stray Dog Award.

In the wake of the 2010 Buce League, Novice Strike Force were targeted as the most viable option to help necessitate the break up of The Avalanches and The Sunflowers, as part of the League Balance Strategy. As a result of this, Lachlon agreed to bring in new Quad Team players to not only balance out the league's skill, but to help buff up NSF's potential. As part of the change, Lachlon changed his team's name to the Giants.

Guy Bevan and Tim Murdoch offered to join The Giants early on- but through fear of still being underpowered as a team, Rick Osman later confirmed he would be joining the team. However due to unforeseen circumstances, Rick was not able to play in the 2010 league.

Lineup - Novice Strike Force

Lineup - The Giants

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