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The Front Team

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Some members of the Front Team, from left to right: Pom, Pratham, Nick Allan, Pira, Mandeep, Dandy and Curley.

The Front Team is a club made up of the large group of players that play Buce at the Front Field at Merewether High. Their team name derives from this location. They existed during 2008/2009 and gave birth to two professional Buce teams upon their dissolution.

Making a hasty entry into the Buce scene in late 2008, the Front Team used their natural abilities and rigorous training routines to compete with the Quad Team for dominance of the sport. The team generally consists of highly competitive players, like 'Most Competitive of the Year' contenders Mitch Furner and Mandeep. Other memorable players on the Front Team include the 'Rookie of the Year' Wilson, and midfielder Michael Read. Nick Allan is the widely-famous babe of the team, often offering an alternative to the crowd favourite Quad Team veteran Lewis.

Compared to the Quad Team, the Front Team have a very aggressive, fast playing style, usually using fast passes and kicks to overcome the Quad Team. Their structure usually involves a lot of attackers and minimal defenders. The players rotate between positions regularly.

By allowing for a competition for Buce in the form of the 2008 Buce League and the 2009 Buce League, the Front team have often been credited for the professionalisation of Buce.

For the 2009 Buce League, the Front Team split into two groups: The Hawks and The Gritz. The former came second, and scored a Double Buce in the grand final.

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