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Team Venture

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Buce Team
Team Venture
Go team venture.jpg
Go Team Venture!
Founded: April 2010
Status: Confirmed
Founder: Charlie Rogers

Leagues Played: 1
Minor Premierships: 1
Finals Appearances: 1
Grand Finals Appearances: 0
Major Premierships: 0

For/Against: N/A
Wins: 4
Draws: 1
Losses: 2

Last Updated: 22:32, 28 May 2011 (EST))

Team Venture is a Buce team that debuted in the 2011 Buce League. It was founded by Charlie Rogers after the Wu-Tang Clan disbanded after winning the 2010 Buce League.

Team Venture upon learning of the 2010 Winter Buce League's cancellation.

Team Venture was a joint venture (no pun intended) between Novice Strike Force's Dane McMahon-Squires and ex-Wu-Tang Clan member Charlie Rogers. Venture was originally set to play in the 2010 Winter Buce League, but upon the league's cancellation, quickly signed up for the impending 2011 competition instead.

After a lack of choice in players and desperate to fill the team, Rogers signed many Original 8 members left without a team after the disbanding of the Snowflowers, who broke up after a troublesome 2010 season, coupled with contract disputes with veteran players.

Team Venture's style of playing is dynamic and fast, often concerned with heavy juggling and teamwork style. This is a double edged sword as it is a physically demanding way to play Buce. Team Venture have a very high scoring rate for games, but also concede many points.



Past Members

Analogy to RL Team Venture

All members of Team Venture have their own place in the Venture Bros. canon:

Dane venture.jpg
Dane "Dean Venture" McMahon-Squires
Levon "Hank Venture" Rush
The wimpy, inexperienced Venture son
who's biggest goal of the season is to score his maiden Buce.
The slightly more athletic newcomer
who's always out trying to prove his worth to Brock.
Evie lol.jpg
Ashley "Brock Samson" Everson
LEWIS "Dr. Venture" Freeland
The overly muscly, overly aggressive protector of the crew
who is often criticised by the Buce community for his
excessive use of his Licence to Kill.
The jaded, often cynical member of Team Venture
who is never short of a quick remark or quip.
Alec "H.E.L.P.eR" Forbes
Charlie "The Monarch" Rogers
The loveable robot capable of compassion and emotion.
The highly strung carry-on who goes on tirades of "vengeance" and "glory" even though no one cares.


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