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Team Blek

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The Logo for Blek.

Team Blek are a group of Buce Players that derive from E Block at Merewether High School. They are the class of Year 11, 2009 and therefore are an average of 2 years younger than the players of the Original 8.

These students of "E block" had been heavily influenced by Hamish Rogers and Angus Bevan, the younger brothers of already prominent Buce players Charlie Rogers and Guy Bevan. A hackey sack was brought to school one day and they eventually began to partake in the sport of buce with their much older and more experienced counterparts.



Summer 2009 League

Of the players mentioned above, about half of them competed in the 2009 Buce League, led by Hamish Rogers and Gus Bevan. After their first match (a win against the Sonic Force Buce Club, Bevan left for the USA to pursue a more lucrative Buce career.

After a win in their debut game, Blek had high hopes. However, their hopes faded quickly as they continued to suffer losses throughout the rest of the league, until they came equal last with the Sonic Force Buce Club at the end of the competition.

Team Blek's jersey colour.

Winter 2009 League

Blek's campaign for the Winter 2009 crown started out in a positive manner, recording 2 wins from their first 2 matches. However, following the Bye, Blek's season went steadily down-hill, with their only moment of joy being a round 6 draw with the Scourge. In the end, Blek missed finals qualification by a mere 1 competition point, finishing 6th on the ladder.

Summer 2010 League

Recently, Blek have been confirmed to be taking part in the 2010 Buce League. Whilst the League Balance Strategy has altered many of the other teams to quite significant degrees, Blek hasn't changed much, and this greater degree of team unity Blek possess is likely to ensure they are competitive during this season. Tre Clifford has joined the lineup for the season, due to the absences of Zac Maytom and Liam Steele.

Blek made it into the Grand Final due to a punishing and highly successful finals campaign as the underdogs. Again playing as the underdogs against the Wu-Tang Clan, Blek fell 6-3 to the Clan, ending a saddening but unexpected success story for Blek.

Summer 2011 League

The 2011 Team Blek lineup, with the coveted Buce Trophy, after their Grand Final win.

Blek bounced back in 2011, securing Flynn Comerford, and recovering from two early-season loses to maintain a 5 game winning streak to bring themselves into the Grand Final against the Toecutters.

There they played the Toecutters in a tough match, conceding an early Buce by Theo Rogers, but then going on the offensive, outplaying the Toecutters to win 7-2, with Jaxon Ireland scoring 5 points, Hamish Rogers and Gus Bevan both notching scores.

The trophy is the first Blek have won since their entry into the league in 2009, making them one of the most successful teams in Buce's history.


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