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The Scourge

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Mulch or Leave


—The Scourge's motto.

We're going to destroy The Avalanches.


Evie will never make it into the Double Buce Club.


The 2010 team logo for The Scourge.

The Scourge is a Buce team that was founded in 2009. They are a group of disgruntled junior players that hope to win the League in their first ever season. Of their outspoken catchphrases, their most common ones are "We are going to destroy the Avalanches" and "Evie will never make it into the Double Buce Club."

While breaking up after their second season in Buce, The Scourge have become an iconic part of Buce's History, forging several personalities, quotes and rivalries with other teams.


The 2009W team logo for The Scourge. The latin translates directly to "Feel Pain".

The Scourge was founded by captain Theo Rogers- controversial youngest member of the Rogers family, and consist of representative Basketball players, and club Rugby Union players. The team was founded as a way for Theo to enter the Buce League and prove skeptics wrong about his skills in Buce, and life. Initially rejected as a bench attacker for The Avalanches in the 2009 Buce League, Theo handpicked his players from the elite of the Year 9 class of 2009 at Merewether High School- a move which many believed to be a risky move on Rogers' part. Theo Rogers has modelled his captaining on Michael Read, former captain of The Hawks.

In the 2009 Winter Buce League, The Scourge came fourth behind The Toecutters, The Sunflowers and The Avalanches. Despite the overwhelming success of their first season, many low-key players left The Scourge to make their own team for the 2010 Buce League, eventually called the Wu-Tang Clan.

In 2010, The Scourge once again entered the Semi Finals as the 4th placed team, but were eliminated in the first round by Team Blek. Despite a successful campaign, The Scourge never returned as a team to Buce for the 2011 Buce League. Theo Rogers and Flynn Comerford were the only Scourge players to continue playing Buce (For the Toecutters and Blek, respectively).

The colours for The Scourge, primary white and secondary red.

Team Roster


  • The Scourge are the youngest team to ever enter a Buce league.
  • Martin Franke was the first person to score a double pointer in the 2009 Winter Buce League.
  • Theo Rogers was the first ever person to be sent off the field during a professional Buce match.
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