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Robert Willis

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Lachlon Willis

Robert Willis is a Buce player and is the brother and GGs teammate of Lachlon Willis.


Robert joined the team Novice Strike Force after witnessing many games and believing he had what it takes to make it to the pantheon of Buce with his brother Lachlon Willis. Despite being a member of the worst team on record in Buce's history, his will was steadfast and motivation to play buce was unshakeable, and joined his brother again in The Giants in 2010.

Robert now plays for The GG's in the 2011 season, having designed their team logo and related merchandising paraphernalia. Sales of GG's jerseys are already through the roof, a sign of his saavy graphic design approach.


Novice Strike Force: 2009W

The Giants: 2010

GGs: 2011



  • Laziest Player in 2010
  • Worst Player in 2010
  • Player who has no skill but tries his hardest in 2010


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