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Quad League

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2007 redirects here. If you were looking for History of Buce's 2007 entry, please click here.

The Quad League refers specifically to two separate parts of Buce history. They are both coined the "Quad League" because of the location of both events, the Quadrangle.


A Quad League friendly.

The Quad League of 2007 is the reference to the friendly league that the Quad Team had during the periods of 2007 and early 2008, in which no competition had been established. These were a huge series of friendly matches.

Before the founding of The Front Team, the Quad Team played a multitude of in-house matches between each other on a daily basis. They didn't use set teams or record scores, but they practised rigorously with daily matches between randomised teams, balanced loosely on each player's position or influence in the game.


It was always a custom in the Quad League to separate certain players. This was a matter of balance, as a game wouldn't be fair to one team if certain players were on the same team.

Other players would famously be split up, for example, Smalley Hoole and Chen Gao, and Nick Cherrie and Tom Langsford, but these players wouldn't attend the Quad League as much.

LEWIS Freeland once famously quoted, to justify this forced balancing; "If Guy or Charlie were on one team, there wouldn't be a game because one of the teams wouldn't be able to score!"

The "Quad League" of 2007 is generally considered to be the period where the Quad Team gained the skills that asserted their dominance in future Buce leagues during 2008 and 2009.


in 2009, the first resurgence of the Quad League begun when the Neutral Creeps wanted entry into the 2010 Buce League after all the teams were drafted. Sceptical about the abilities of the Creeps, 2010 league organisers reintroduced the Quad League for the purpose of testing the new team.

As a team from Merewether High School, the Neutral Creeps were available to play against teams like The Scourge, Blek and Wu-Tang Clan, so the three of them were put into a league together. If Neutral Creeps came anywhere but last in the competition, they would be admitted into the 2010 Buce League.

Because of the inability to coordinate an organised league during the time of school, the 2009 Quad League eventually evolved into its 2007 predecessor, a casual series of matches played at the end of 2009, where Team Blek and The Scourge, in particular, once again established heated rivalries.

Despite not being chosen for the 2010 Buce League, some players from Neutral Creeps ended up being recruited by Team Blek for the league, opening up promising careers for themselves.

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