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Original 8

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The Original 8 is a term to describe the people who invented Buce and tested its limitations and rules to further perfect the sport. They originate from the Quad Team. They are called the Original 8 because there would always be 8 playing the prehistoric versions of Buce together. There were originally 7 of these players, but Ricky's quick entry into the game and his immediate influence on defensive structure helped mould the positioning and gameplay of Buce, and his continued activity in the game justifies his later induction into the group.

Whilst not all of the Original 8 are actually the best, most valuable players in a team (particularly Evie), they are regarded as the most experienced and able players in the game.

Despite being an aged concept, the players of the Original 8 are still held in high regard in the current climate of Buce- and often are picked as part of representative matches that are organised. They were chosen to play a specific representative team in the Pioneer's Cup, and also played against Victoria as part of the Buce State of Origin. Both of the games they won.

Original 8.jpg

The Original 8:

From left to right of the above photo:

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