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List of Buce Fields

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The Quadrangle field, with bins already set up.
Customs field, prior to preparation for the 2009 Buce League
The South view of the Rooftop field, showing Newcastle's Cathedral
A view of the Rooftop field with a backdrop of Newcastle Harbour and the eastern shoreline.

The Buce Fields are official playing grounds for games of Buce, as endorsed by the clubs that license Buce Players. Some belong to Buce Clubs but some are neutral grounds for either league matches or friendly games. Some are specifically used for special or rare events.



The Quadrangle is the former home of the Quad Team and the birthplace of Buce. It has the most history and usage of all the Buce Fields. Before being used as a Buce field in the 2007 Buce Season, it was used for 2 years as a practice area for hackeysacking by members of the Original 8.

The Quadrangle was host to most of the matches in the 2008 Buce League. In it's time, it was also the most popular, with the most spectators to date attending the Quadrangle during their lunch breaks to attend either Quad Team in-house matches or Buce League matches.

Since the Quad Team's departure from Merewether High School at the end of 2008, it has become the home ground for the E Team, who use it for their in-house matches, when not training near E Block.

The First Double Buce was scored at this field.

Front Field

The Front Field is the spiritual home ground to the Front Team, and it's derivative, The Hawks. It was home to two of the matches of the 2008 Buce League and at the time had bred not only a league for Buce but also a competitive handball scene.

Because of the repressive laws around those parts, and the Front Team's incredible media restrictions and censorship policies, no known pictures of the actual Front Field exist.

Customs Field

Customs Field is the newest Buce field and was the venue for the 2009 Buce League, and all subsequent leagues. Formally known as Customs Plaza, it is located in Foreshore Park in Newcastle.

The Customs Field has become the most frequented Buce field between 2009 and 2011, because of the Buce League, and the numerous training sessions that clubs participate in at Customs. Most media footage is now of the field due to National Buce News' involvement in their coverage of the 2009 Summer and Winter Buce Leagues.

The Customs Field is renowned for being the field in which the most hackisacks are lost. This is because of inconveniently placed drain holes and trees, which hackisacks are kicked into and rarely are found again.


The Rooftop is a field was once used for special events. It was first opened with a game by the 2008 Allstars, the Buce players that won the prestigious 2008 Buce League Awards. It has since become the planned field for the grand final match of the 2009 Buce League.

Geographically the Rooftop is located north of the central business district of Newcastle. It is situated on top of David Jones carpark and is to the south of the Anglican Cathedral. It is a multi-storied parking lot which opens to the Buce field on the uppermost level. Enclosed with chain link fencing and little to no cars it is regarded as one of the safer rooftop options for the game of Buce.

The Rooftop stars in half of the "Buce for Beginners" film directed and edited by Charlie Rogers.

Since the end of 2008 and the start of 2009, the Rooftop has become the Quad Team's home ground. All training, media-sponsored games and friendly matches occured there.

However, since the Quad team rarely practice as a group, the field on the Rooftop is still considered a special events field.

The final of the 2009 Winter Buce League was intended to be held here, but lost out to Customs Plaza. After not holding any competitive matches for almost an entire year, it is doubtful whether Buce will ever return there. However, this court has recently been seen in a promotional video for the 2010 Summer Buce League. This may potentially herald the return of matches to the area.

Train Sheds

The Train Sheds, in walking distance from Customs Field

The Train Sheds are a confined Buce Field used only as an emergency location because of wet weather. They are only ever used if teams have attended a Buce game and the Customs Field is too wet and dangerous for play.

The Train Sheds have the advantage of being under cover, hence why they are used when it is raining heavily. However, it is a very small field with many obstacles on either side of the field. It also does not have well-defined halfway lines, making the Halfway Rule difficult to govern.

Because of its small size, many players find the claustrophobic environment difficult to play competitive Buce in. A famous match between Team Blek and The Scourge in the 2009W Buce League famously ended in scuffles and arguments, leading to a frustrating 1-1 draw for both sides.

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