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Whilst a footbag is the proper term for a small sack which is kicked around, a Hackeysack or Hackey Sack is the trademarked term for the sort of footbag which is made out of hesh material, rather than having a plastic coating. The major difference is a hackeysack will change shape and weight as it is played. This is termed maturity of a hackeysack, where a hackeysack becomes lighter and more cushiony as it is played more. This is a result of beads leaving the inside of the hackeysack when kicked hard.

The term 'Hackeysack' also refers to the game of kicking a hackeysack around in a circle. This is commonly played at Merewether High by the Quad group.

This brand of footbag is what is used for Buce. It is favoured over other footbags because of its long maturity span and large size. It is also heavier than conventional footbags, allowing it to be kicked further.

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