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Guy Bevan

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Guy Bevan

Guy Bevan is one of the most iconic Buce players to have played the game. A member of the Original 8, long-time presenter of National Buce News he is also ex-captain of one of the most talked about teams in Buce's history.


Bevan was a member of the Original 8 and hence helped develop the groundwork for Buce in it's current forms; his special ability in the game allowed for its competitive development from its earliest stages.

In the 2008 Buce League, Guy, as well as many of the other Original 8 members, was instrumental in the Quad Team's victory over The Front Team.

In 2009, regarded as one of The Quad Team's best players, he founded and took on leadership of The Sonic Force Buce Club, which was to debut in the 2009 Buce League alongside Charlie Rogers' Avalanches. Unfortunately for Bevan, SFBC came tie last in the competition, after a surprising horror season for the team.

The only people I respect in my team are me, Alec and LEWIS. The rest can just get fucked.


—Guy, At the 2009 Buce Afterparty.

For the 2009 Winter Buce League, Bevan renamed his team The Sunflowers and gave captaincy to Lewis Freeland. With this team, which had the exact same lineup as the previous season, Bevan played in the Grand Final against The Avalanches, where a heartbreaking own-buce hindered their chances of winning. Despite losing 6-3, Bevan and Freeland commented on the exceptional position their team had reached during the league- and expressed satisfaction with all teammates.

During the 2009 Winter League, Guy Bevan re-entered the Double Buce Club, not once, but twice, towards the end of the season. He is the only player as of 2009 to have scored three double buces, let alone two.

For the 2010 Buce League, Bevan joined The Giants as part of the League Balance Strategy. He was a main player in the strategy's creation and was the instigator of many key player's move to The Giants.

Bevan was signed to The Hawks for the expected 2010 Winter League. After the cancellation of this league, his contract was extended for the 2011 Buce League, although due to work commitments Bevan will likely see minimal on-field time.


The Quad Team: 2007-2008

The Sonic Force Buce Club: 2009

The Sunflowers: 2009W

The Giants: 2010

The Hawks: 2011




Second player to be inducted into the Double Buce Club. Achieved the feat twice more, as the 8th and 9th member of the club.

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