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I somehow doubt there will be a team worse than NSF in the coming years of Buce. If there is though, chances are i'm probably going to be apart of it.


—Lachlan Willis

Buce Team
The GGs
GGs Logo.png
Good game.
Founded: January 2011
Status: Confirmed
Founder: Tré Clifford, Lachlan Willis

Leagues Played: 1
Minor Premierships: 0
Finals Appearances: 0
Grand Finals Appearances: 0
Major Premierships: 0

For/Against: -19
Wins: 1
Draws: 0
Losses: 4

Last Updated: 22:38, 28 May 2011 (EST)

The GGs are the brainchild of former Blek ring-in and tied Rookie of the Year Tré Clifford, and Buce veteran Lachlan Willis. In late January, it was announced that Clifford had poached his former team-mate Cal Wrightson, a fellow Rookie of the Year, in a surprising move. Combined with Lachlon's bringing in of his brother Rob, another veteran, the GGs had cemented a line-up and were confirmed for the 2011 Buce League. With their strong defensive game built on fundamentals, The GGs should be a force to be reckoned with, if not the flashiest. On the 28th of February, it was announced that the team had signed promising sophomore Jaxon Ireland, who's 2010 season was tragically cut short by injury, and 2009/2010 Quad League star, and Buce League rookie, Ethan Smith. Featuring two Rookie of the Years, The GGs will be a strong presence in the upcoming 2011 Buce League.

Due to educational commitments and a suspected case of Soft Poo Syndrome, Cal Wrightson was forced to withdraw from the league before it started. Rumour has it that The GGs are in a fierce bidding war with Team Venture for former Snowflowers star Joey Freeland.

On March 16th, Joey Freeland was signed. The GGs, now with a solid roster, are currently training for the season opener of the 2011 Buce League.


As the only entirely new team in the league, careful consideration had to go into choosing team colours, so as not to cause confusion. Through process of elmination, it was decided that green and black would adorn the flag of the mighty GGs. The team logo was designed by Robert Willis. It has been designed in accordance to that of the similar art of the video game Jet Set Radio, upon which much of the GG's team identity is based.


  • The team name is derived from the protagonist gang in the game Jet Set Radio Future, and the double entendre of the common euphemism for "good game.".
  • They have been crassly nicknamed "Giants Mk. 2" by some members of the press due to the membership of two former Giants members, and for the overall large height of the team.
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