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Drew Cowen

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Drew Cowen

Drew Cowen is a well-known midfielder. He is known for his dedication and work towards Buce as a sport.


Drew Cowen, friend of Keith Victor, was asked to play for The Toecutters in light of the 2009 Winter Buce League. After being reported to have been involved in intense practice sessions with other prominent Buce players, Drew entered the league and became the core midfielder for the Toecutters, and an influential player in the league.

During the 2009 Winter Buce League Cowen developed a yearning for the superficial side of Buce. His rejection as a Buce News presenter led him to write "Head to Head with The Philosopher". Adopting a temperate and metaphysical mindset Cowen wrote match reviews of games he played with The Toecutters. Often verging on the abstract finality of Buce as a life force Head to Head with The Philosopher sparked internal interest among the Bucing community. Cowen was accepted as an NBN presenter for the Pre Grand Final episode. Cowen continued his periodical for the 2010 Buce League in the form of "Goanna Hoyle's Match Reports".

He narrowly lost "Rookie of the Year" to Flynn Commerford in the 2009 Winter Buce League Awards.


The Toecutters: 2009W, 2010




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