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Daniel Carr

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Daniel Carr

Daniel Carr, also known as "Pom" by teammates, is a Buce player who originated from Britain, and is said to have been produced from some of the finest bloodlines in all of England.


Carr was originally part of the Front Team, where he was used primarily as a defender, because of his height. During 2008 he was one of the tallest players in the league along with Rick Osman.

After the 2008 Buce League, Daniel was accepted into The Gritz for the 2009 Buce League but, because of prior commitments, was unable to play a match.

In the 2009 Winter Buce League, Carr made a brilliant return to his Front Team brethren by signing up with The Hawks. There he was referred to as "The Hawks' answer to Dawes", and was successful in scoring multiple points for the team.

Carr played again for the Hawks in 2010, scoring 2 buces and three single pointers, and was also rostered for the 2011 Buce League.


Front Team: 2008

The Gritz: 2009

The Hawks: 2009W, 2010, 2011




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