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Charlie Rogers

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Charlie Rogers

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Charlie Rogers is a Buce player, well known for his playing ability as well as his efforts in organising competitions for the sport. He is noted for being a talented midfielder and an effective scorer.


Charlie started playing Buce in 2007 in the Quadrangle, where, with the Original 8, he defined the ground rules for Buce and helped spread it to other members of their group. In 2008, Charlie introduced Buce to the Front Team and, with Michael Read, helped necessitate the 2008 Buce League. During this time, he continued to work with the Original 8 to further the rules of Buce to make it a more involving game. He was the main force behind the implementation of the 3 Square Rule. During the 2007 and 2008 seasons, he was renowned for being overly serious and aggressive towards both opponents, and his own teammates.

After the 2008 Buce League, Charlie Rogers and Guy Bevan split the Quad Team into two separate teams for the 2009 Buce League. Charlie founded The Avalanches. During this time, he also started the National Buce News media project to allow Buce media to be spread around the world. During the 2009 Buce League, Charlie was noted for having changed his playing style from a heavily attacking position to a more all-rounded midfield approach, to compliment The Avalanches' generally low midfield presence. Roger's team came first in the 2009 league after winning the Grand Final 8-4, against the Front Team's own Hawks, and Rogers was top scorer for the competition.


In the 2009 Winter Buce League, Charlie Rogers captained the same team to another victory after beating The Sunflowers 6-3 in the Grand Final, again achieving top individual score in the competition.

After the 2009W League, Charlie broke up the Avalanches and worked to facilitate all teammates into respectable teams in the next league. The plan would later be known as the League Balance Strategy. Rogers joined the Wu-Tang Clan as a result of this strategy. During the 2010 Buce League, Charlie regained his position as top scorer in all Buce Leagues, and also joined in Wu-Tang's victory in the grand final over Team Blek.

After the 2010 league, Rogers left the team to create his own, Team Venture, alongside old friend Dane McMahon-Squires. Whilst achieving typical success during the 2011 Buce League rounds, Rogers' Team Venture lost both the major and minor semi finals, to The Toecutters and Team Blek respectively, knocking the team out of the Grand Final. Both the losses were also the first Rogers had experienced in his professional career. Despite the losses, Rogers continued with Team Venture into the 2012 Buce League, bolstering the team's lineup and strengthening the chances for victory in the league.


The Quad Team: 2007-2008

The Avalanches: 2009, 2009W

The Wu-Tang Clan: 2010

Team Venture: 2011, 2012




Third player to be inducted into the Double Buce Club. Achieved the feat twice more (honorary) in a trial match, becoming the 10th and 11th member in the club.

Creator of National Buce News, later handing the project to Nick Allan for the 2009 Winter Buce League.

The complete player.


LEWIS, whilst commentating the 2009 Buce League grand final.

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