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Buce League (2011)

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2011 Buce League


The 2011 Buce League is a summer league, and the first official Buce league to be played for a year. The league, which is a successor to the disappointingly cancelled 2010 Winter Buce League, was announced in late February 2011, due to a huge demand for a league, and was met with a massively positive reaction by Buce fans and players.

Team Blek won the Grand Final for the 2011 League, winning 7-2 against The Toecutters. It was the first ever grand final appearance for The Toecutters, and the first ever Grand Final win for Blek, who have now appeared in two consecutive grand finals.




After the 2010 Buce League, preparation was quickly made for a successor that year, a winter equivalent similar to the 2009 Winter Buce League.

A date was set for the 4th of July, but was eventually delayed by 3 weeks because of the Newcastle soccer season being held back 3 weeks due to a month of rain. Many buce players also competed in soccer and the organisers believed this would hinder the turnout.

A week before the planned start of the league, the 2010 Buce League was abruptly cancelled, to the shock and disappointment of many fans. The main organiser Charlie Rogers wasn't convinced the league would have enough support to succeed, and pulled the plug on the league. Though a possible revival of the league was made public, it was never acted on.

The official reason for the cancellation was officially noted to be because of "organising difficulties and lack of interest." This was namely because of Team Blek and The Scourge's withdrawal from the league at short notice, noticeably harming Buce's younger fanbase and affecting a large portion of Buce League tradition and spirit. Other reasons included a disheartening assessment of the League Balance Strategy, which concluded that the strategy had not worked in the way that was intended, and had essentially led to controversial league team Wu-Tang Clan to dominate the competition. The Pioneer's Cup for 2010 had also not gone as well as expected. While the game itself was noted as being spectacular, many of the Challengers did not attend and the crowd turnout was minimal.


By late 2010 it was clear the 2010 Winter Buce League was not going to happen, though Rogers, Buce League's main organiser was adamant that there would be a 2011 Buce League. While publicly claiming that the existence of a 2011 Summer Buce League was definitely in the works, organising was delayed repeatedly for several months. In late February, the 2011 Buce League was announced, because of an unprecedented rise in demand. The announcement brought a surprising amount of support from fans, who started organising teams instantaneously, almost immediately replacing those that had withdrawn.

The 2011 Buce League's official starting date was the 27th of March, 2011, but after a saddening wet-weather cancellation, started on the 3rd of April.

League Table

Team Wins Losses Draws Points
Team Venture 4 0 1 13
The Toecutters 4 1 0 12
Team Blek 3 2 0 9
The Hawks 2 2 1 7
GGs 1 4 0 3


Team For Against Total
Team Venture 36 24 +12
Team Blek 24 17 +7
The Toecutters 17 15 +2
The Hawks 17 19 -2
GGs 14 33 -19

Top Scorers

Player Team Double Buces Double Points Buces Points Total
Hamish Rogers Team Blek 4 7 15
Charlie Rogers Team Venture 5 4 14
Ashley Everson Team Venture 4 2 10
Drew Cowen The Toecutters 2 3 7
Nick Scott Team Blek 2 3 7
Nick Allan The Hawks 2 1 5
Alec Forbes Team Venture 5 5
Tre Clifford GGs 1 1 4
Joey Freeland GGs 2 4
Mitch Furner The Hawks 1 2 4
Theo Rogers The Toecutters 2 4
Robert Willis GGs 1 2 4
Jackson Clarke Team Venture 3 3
Gus Bevan Team Blek 2 2
Keiran Donahay-Genoni The Hawks 1 2
Keith Rogers The Toecutters 1 2
Andrew Shakespeare The Hawks 1 2
Oscar Cowen The Toecutters 1 1
Lewis Freeland Team Venture 1 1
Matthew Hair The Toecutters 1 1
Gordon Patrick The Toecutters 1 1


Round 1 (3rd April)

Team 1 Home Away Team 2 Time
Team Venture 8 5 Team Blek 3:00 PM
The Hawks 4 2 GGs 4:00 PM
The Toecutters BYE

Round 2 (10th April)

Team 1 Home Away Team 2 Time
Team Blek 2 4 The Toecutters 3:00 PM
Team Venture 9* 8 The Hawks 4:00 PM

* Match cancelled with 5 minutes to go due to dangerous weather, match concluded as draw regardless of score.

Round 3 (17th April)

Team 1 Home Away Team 2 Time
The Toecutters 7 2 GGs 3:00 PM
Team Blek 5 3 The Hawks 4:00 PM
Team Venture BYE

Round 4 postponed due to Easter weekend

Round 4 (1st May)

Team 1 Home Away Team 2 Time
The Hawks 2 3 The Toecutters 3:00 PM
GGs 8 10 Team Venture 4:00 PM
Team Blek BYE

Round 5 (8th May)

Team 1 Home Away Team 2 Time
The Toecutters 3 9 Team Venture 3:00 PM
GGs 2 12 Team Blek 4:00 PM
The Hawks BYE

Finals (15th May)

Team 1 Home Away Team 2 Time
Team Venture 5 6 Toecutters 1:00 PM
Team Blek 3 2 The Hawks 2:00 PM
Team Venture 5 6 Team Blek 3.00 PM

Grand Final (22nd May)

Team 1 Home Away Team 2 Time
The Toecutters 2 7 Team Blek 2:00 PM



Team Venture

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The Toecutters



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