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Ashley Everson

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Ashley Everson
Ashley Everson attending the 2009 Buce Awards Ceremony.

Ashley Everson is an attacking player better known for his finishing ability and his quick attacking skill. He is a long-time presenter on National Buce News and a member of the Original 8.


As an Original 8 member, Ashley Everson (affectionately called "Evie" by his peers) is an older Buce player who is known for his attacking ability, dedication to Buce media and humorous disposition in relation to Buce as a sport.

Originally starting his Buce career in 2007, Ashley Everson only really stepped into the professional limelight after the introduction of the Three Square Rule midway through 2008, and hence filling the void that was lack of midfield talent in the sport. During this time, he was one of the most dangerous and competant attacking midfielders in the sport.

Since then, Evie has honed his ability as a striker in competitive Buce, finding his favoured position during the year of 2009. He has also featured on National Buce News as a permanent presenter, been part of the twice-league winning team The Avalanches, and been a high top scorer for both the 2009 Buce League and the 2009 Winter Buce League.

In the 2009 Winter league, Ashley Everson's Double Buce won the "Play of the Year" award.

Ashley has been known to do Buce-related photography, taking many of Buce's iconic images over the past few years.

Starting in 2010 Ashley will be taking on the role of the official Buce doctor.

Evie was famously called "Ashley ‘never ever’ Everson" by Goanna Hoyle.


The Quad Team: 2007, 2008

The Avalanches: 2009, 2009W

The Snowflowers: 2010

Team Venture: 2011




7th Player to be inducted into the Double Buce Club

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