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Andrew Shakespeare

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Andrew Shakespeare

Andrew Shakespeare is a Buce player that hails from the Front Team. He is well known for his work as a support player. Shakey is a committed all-round sportsman, well known in soccer and cricket circles predominantly for his defensive skills, but also for his expert work in other positions. Of all the Hawks players he is the most frequently recognised in public, and as a result is often forced to wear disguises when out doing things like grocery shopping or going to strip clubs.


Andrew Shakespeare left his position as a pro goalkeeper in the Australian soccer scene to join Buce for The Front Team. After the crushing defeat of his team in 2008, he joined The Hawks with Michael Read, and helped the team immensely in both attack and defence during the 2009 Buce League.

In the grand final of the league, Andrew Shakespeare topped off a career high by scoring a Double Buce against The Avalanches. Shakespeare is the first non-Quad League player to ever score a Double Buce- and the first player to ever score one in a professional league match.

Shakespeare signed up for the new Hawks team for the 2009 Winter Buce League but saw limited game time as he had committed himself to a professional refereeing career in Soccer. Andrew again only played a couple of matches during the 2010 Summer League due to a clash with his cricket schedule. 2011 saw a return by Shakespeare to Buce, again as part of the Hawks' lineup.


Front Team: 2008

The Hawks: 2009, 2009W, 2010, 2011

Shakespeare, number 9, after scoring his Double Buce against The Avalanches, during the 2009 Buce League Grand Final.


  • Best Support Player in 2009


Fifth player to be inducted into the Double Buce Club, and the first non-Quad Team player to be inducted.

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