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Buce League (2010)

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The logo for the 2010 Summer Buce League.

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The 2010 Summer Buce League was a contest somewhat similar to the league of Winter 2009. The make-up of this league was subject to the en-mass movements of players between teams. Neither of the Grand Finalists from the Winter 2009 League, the Avalanches and the Sunflowers were involved, due to their continued domination of the competition. The members of these two teams have been re-distributed amongst the other teams, according to the League Balance Strategy. Some new teams have also come into existence for this league, namely the Wu Tang Clan and the Giants.

As a result of the summer time-frame of this competition, many of the players that missed the 2009 Winter League featured in the earlier rounds of this competition. Initially, it appeared that notable beneficiaries of this change would include The Hawks, as a large number of their players missed the Winter 2009 League for various reasons.



League Results


Final Table

Team Wins Losses Draws Points
Wu-Tang Clan 6 0 1 19
The Giants 5 2 0 15
Team Blek 4 3 0 12
The Scourge 3 3 1 10
The Snowflowers 3 3 1 10
Toecutters 3 4 0 9
The Hawks 2 4 1 7

For/Against Table


Team For Against Total
Wu-Tang Clan 47 23 +24
The Giants 27 27 +0
Team Blek 25 26 -1
The Scourge 16 17 -1
The Toecutters 12 15 -3
Snowflowers 22 26 -4
The Hawks 26 35 -9

Top Scorers


Player Team Double Buces Double Points Buces Points Total
Charlie Rogers The Wu-Tang Clan 6 7 19
Lachlon Willis The Giants 3 4 10
Guy Bevan The Giants 1 1 5 9
Noah Church The Wu-Tang Clan 2 4 8
Ashley Everson The Snowflowers 1 2 2 8
Callum Howes The Wu-Tang Clan 4 8
Nick Scott Team Blek 1 1 3 7
Daniel Carr The Hawks 2 3 7
Tim Abel The Hawks 1 1 2 6
Gus Bevan Team Blek 2 2 6
Jackson Clarke The Scourge 1 4 6
Tre Clifford Team Blek 1 2 6
Jackson Cowan The Wu-Tang Clan 1 4 6
Drew Cowan Toecutters 2 1 5
Wilson Leung The Hawks 1 1 1 5
Tim Murdoch The Giants 1 3 5
JOEY Freeland The Snowflowers 2 4
Michael Read The Hawks 1 4
Keith Rogers Toecutters 1 2 4
Theo Rogers The Scourge 2 4
Joel Steele The Snowflowers 1 2 4
Flynn Comerford The Scourge 3 3
Jacob Dawes The Snowflowers 1 2
Alec Forbes The Snowflowers 1 2
Jake Herington The Scourge 2 2
Jaxon Ireland Team Blek 1 2
Mitch Furner The Hawks 2 2
Hamish Rogers Team Blek 1 2
Callan Wrightson Team Blek 1 2
Nick Allan The Hawks 1 1
LEWIS Freeland The Snowflowers 1 1
Mark Krameri Toecutters 1 1



Round 1

Date Home Team  F   A  Away Team Time
10/01/10 Toecutters FORFEIT Wu-Tang Clan 2:00 PM
10/01/10 Team Blek 3 5 The Giants 3:30 PM
10/01/10 Scourge 7 7 Hawks 5:00 PM
10/01/10 The Snowflowers BYE -

Round 2

Date Home Team  F   A  Away Team Time
17/01/10 Scourge 5 11 Wu-Tang Clan 2:00 PM
17/01/10 Toecutters FORFEIT? Blek 3:30 PM
17/01/10 Hawks 1 2 Snowflowers 5:00 PM
17/01/10 The Giants BYE -

Round 3

Date Home Team  F   A  Away Team Time
24/01/10 Hawks 3 8 Wu-Tang Clan 2.00 PM
24/01/10 The Scourge 0 7 Team Blek 3:30 PM
24/01/10 Snowflowers 4 6 The Giants 5:00 PM
24/01/10 Toecutters BYE -

Round 4

Date Home Team  F   A  Away Team Time
07/02/10 Wu-Tang Clan 6 6 Snowflowers 2:00 PM
07/02/10 The Giants 2 3 Toecutters 3:30 PM
07/02/10 The Hawks 8 6 Team Blek 5:00 PM
07/02/10 The Scourge BYE -

Round 5

Date Home Team  F   A  Away Team Time
14/02/10 Toecutters 0 4 The Scourge 2:00 PM
14/02/10 Giants 6 4 Hawks 3:30 PM
14/02/10 Team Blek 6 3 Snowflowers 5:00 PM
14/02/10 Wu-Tang Clan BYE

Round 6

Date Home Team  F   A  Away Team Time
21/02/10 Wu-Tang Clan 10 3 Team Blek 2:00 PM
21/02/10 The Scourge 1 2 The Giants 3:30 PM
21/02/10 Snowflowers 6 3 Toecutters 5:00 PM
21/02/10 Hawks BYE -

Round 7

Date Home Team  F   A  Away Team Time
28/02/10 Snowflowers 1 4 Scourge 2:00 PM
28/02/10 Wu-Tang Clan 12 6 Giants 3:30 PM
28/02/10 Toecutters 6 3 Hawks 5:00 PM
28/02/10 Blek BYE -

Semi Finals

Date Home Team  F   A  Away Team Time
07/03/10 Wu-Tang Clan 11 1 The Giants 2:00 PM
07/03/10 Team Blek 6 2 The Scourge 3:30 PM
07/03/10 Giants 6 7 Blek 5:00 PM

Pioneers Cup

Date Home Team  F   A  Away Team Time
14/03/10 Original 8 Challengers 3:30 PM

Grand Final

Date Home Team  F   A  Away Team Time
28/03/10 Wu-Tang Clan 6 2 Team Blek 1:30 PM

Team Lineups and Performances

Regular Season

TOECUTTERSTEST2 copy.jpgThe Toecutters

Glenn Everson was been a notable loss for the Toecutters this season, however the team picked up short-lived superstar Gordon Patrick for the entirety of the season. The Toecutters early season was marred by a pair of forfeits, caused by scheduling clashes. Despite their campaign picking up steam in latter rounds, they failed to make the finals, placing 6th. Lineup:

Scourge logo jpg.JPGThe Scourge

Theo Rogers returns with his do-or-die team, bringing even more disgruntled rivalries to the table. Flynn Comerford returns, as well as some rumoured additions to bolster the Scourge lineup. The Scourge have managed to narrowly qualify for the semi-finals, edging out the Snowflowers to take 4th position. Similarly to their campaigns in previous years, Scourge's season started out fairly sour, before winning 2 matches to narrowly scrape into the top 4. Lineup:

BLEK WORLD.jpgTeam Blek

Unlike many of the other teams, Blek moved through the player re-distribution relatively unscathed. Notable players include Hamish Rogers and Gus Bevan. Blek's regular season was somewhat inconsistent, never winning 2 consecutive matches (excluding a Toecutters forfeit). However, they found themselves at the top of log-jam of teams following the regular season, to take 3rd position leading into the finals. Lineup:

Buce Logo hawks.jpgThe Hawks

Important changes in the Hawks for this league include the return of hailed captain Michael Read, as well as Wilson Leung. Nick Allan was absent for the majority of this league due to his pursuit of a career in the Asian Buce Champions League. The Hawks season can best be summed up in the phrase "close but no cigar". They were competitive in each game they played, only ever losing by a couple of points. However, the single win and draw they managed to put together was not enough to avoid being handed the wooden spoon for the season. Lineup:

Wutang clan.jpgWu-Tang Clan

The Wu Tang Clan are the "Second Scourge", consisting of several ex-Scourge players, as well as ex-Avalanches captain Charlie Rogers. Wu Tang's performance in the season thus far has been by far the best of the league, progressing through the regular rounds undefeated, regularly steam-rolling opposition teams. Not surprisingly, they managed to take out the Minor Premiership.


The Giants.jpgThe Giants

The Giants are a rejuvenated Novice Strike Force, with the added strength of several Quad Team and Original 8 heavyweights. To date, their season has been infinitely better than that of their forebears, starting their season rather strongly. However, this team is largely reliant on it's defence, never scoring more than six points in a match. Their latter season was relatively weak, only managing slight wins, yet this was enough to secure 2nd position.


Buce Monkey2.jpgThe Snowflowers

As one would guess by their name, the Snowflowers are the end result of the amalgamation between the Sunflowers and the Avalanches. Considerably similar to the Quad Team of old, they lack some crucial members of the team and therefore have chosen a more contemporary name rather than use the image of 2007 and 2008's dominant Buce team. However, this team failed to live up to the expectations placed upon them during the season, performing sketchily at best, proceeding to be nudged out of the finals by The Scourge, and ending 5th. Interestingly, the Snowflowers were the only team to have been able to take any competition points off of the Wu Tang Clan, with their round 4 draw.


Finals Series

Wu Tang Clan

As the winners of the minor premiership, Wu Tang entered the finals series as firm favorites to progress deep into the competition. This they did, with their 11-1 annihilation of The Giants in the Major Semi-final, earning instant qualification to the Grand Final. From this point, Wu Tang followed up their form in the final, defeating Team Blek 6-2 to take the Premiership.

The Giants

Finishing the regular season in 2nd position, The Giants were also widely expected to do well out of the Finals Series. However this was not to be the case. Plagued by a lack of players in the Major Semi-final, The Giants fell to an 11-1 loss to The Wu Tang Clan. Things were not to get any brighter later in the day, where the weary team were narrowly defeated by Team Blek, 7-6.

Team Blek

Due to their somewhat inconsistent run of form throughout the regular season, Blek were not widely expected to progress beyond the Preliminary Final. However, it quickly became apparent that Blek had been saving themselves for the finals, defeating The Scourge soundly, by 6 points to 2. Blek then assumed underdog status heading to the Preliminary Final. But yet again, Blek rose up, to narrowly edge out The Giants, 7-6. However, what may have originally seemed to be a fairytale finish in the making was denied by The Wu Tang Clan, in a Grand Final that was much closer than it's 6-2 scoreline would suggest.

The Scourge

Having only qualified for the finals by the skin of their teeth, Scourge appeared to be a small chance to make inroads into the finals series. This status was confirmed in the Minor Semi-final, where the 6-2 defeat at the hands of Team Blek sealed their fate.

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