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Buce League 2008 Awards

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The Buce League Awards is an awards ceremony which will have Buce players vote on the most influencial players in the game. This will involve not just the best players in the game at present, but also the players that contributed to evolving the sport into what it is today. It is a way of celebrating the players of the first Buce League.

This is intended to be held after the end of the Year 12 term of 2008, to coincide with the conclusion of Buce's second ever 'season'.

Buce League players at the ceremony. From left to right (excluding Emily): Alec, Guy, Willem, Charlie, Joel, Evie and LEWIS.


The Awards

The following awards were handed out to all the contactable Buce players from the Buce League to vote on.

  • Best Defender
  • Best Midfielder
  • Best Attacker
  • Best All-rounder
  • Most influencial in the evolution of the game (and the way it is played)
  • Most valuable team player
  • Most valuable individual player
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Laziest Player
  • Worst Player
  • Most Dangerous Player
  • Player who has no skill but still tries his hardest
  • Angriest/Most Serious Player
  • Funniest Player

The Awards Ceremony and the Winners

The Buce Awards Ceremony was held at Madison Square Garden, where hundreds of thousands of Buce fans crowded around to see their favourite Buce League players and highlights from the competition, as well as see the winners of the awards. After several fantastic speeches by famous icons like Jennifer Hawkins, Clint Eastwood and Ronaldinho, the organisers presented a montage of Buce League Highlights, before replaying the famous LEWIS video and the trailer for 'Buce for Beginners'. Then the winners of the awards were announced.

Congratulations to all the people who were voted into these awards by their peers:

Even when reaching for a hackeysack, Ricky still towers over everybody else.

Best Defender


Born and secretly bred in Sweden, soley for the game, Ricky's entry into the game really shocked most of the veteran players with his enormous size and powerful influence in defence. In the short term, he immediately changed the way players had to go about getting points. In the long term, he displayed how he was the most effective Buce defender in the game.

"Kicking a sack over or around Ricky is like trying to kick a couch over your house... it cant be done and if you try you'll get hurt or very embarrassed" -Guy

Runner-up: Alec

Probably the most dedicated player in Buce, Alec was always prepared to put his body on the line and jump that one bit higher, in order to get to the hackeysack. He showed us all that one could never go too far to save their team from conceeding a buce.

Best Midfielder


Alec's work at co-ordinating passes and juggling in the midfield was obviously the reason he was able to win this award. His skill in being able to set up other players was a good as all other midfielders, but it was probably his ability to defend consistantly gainst other midfielders which makes him stand out for this award.

"Best Midfielder is Alec. There's no contest." - Smalley

Runner-ups: Guy and Tim

Both these players tied for second, and in terms of quality they are very similar. They are consistant, skilled, they have fantastic teamwork and they defend well. Guy always had talent in all fields of play, and Tim made an unforseen improvement from an average player to a first class Buce spectacle within a fortnight. Regardless of the changes, during the second Buce season and the Buce League, these two players were two of the most reliable players in the competition.

"I find it surprising that Alec stood out from Guy and Tim so much to win this award. In my opinion, these three players all displayed so much quality in the midfield that they all could have won. Other players like Read and Joel were very good, and Evie was a step above them, but Guy, Tim and Alec showed a consistancy that was rare in the midfield players." - Charlie

Best Attacker


With by far the most total points scored in Buce, Charlie won 87% of the votes for 'Best Attacker'. While he doesn't use strong teamwork when playing as striker, nor does he venture into any defensive positions, its his work as striker which he stands out in. His skill and talent at attacking and co-ordinating the strikers are unmatched in Buce, and he is credited for being the first player to use every part of his body to score points, not just his foot.

"Godfoot. Godfoot Rogers." - Lewis

"Best Attacker- Charlie [and] Charlie's Head" - Joel

Best All-Rounder


Guy's talent in all fields of Buce really showed.

Entering Buce as one of the Quad Team's true hackeysacking veterans, Guy developed his skills further when he begun dominating Buce in the first season. He was a scoring powerhouse, often equaling and surpassing Charlie's scores in matches. But while Charlie started to perfect his attacking techniques, Guy evolved his strategy and became the most technically skilled defender in the game. When the ranged serving rule was implemented, Guy joined the wave of players that changed into the newly created midfield position. There he further proved his ability to compete with the best midfielders. It is the fact that Guy understands the game so well that allows him to beat almost every player for what they are worth. He is the best reader of the game and always understands what part of the field needs him most, and it has paid off.

"Guy is one of the rare players that can play any position and do a very solid job. He spent half his career dominating offense, and the other half in defense, always stopping me from scoring. I don't think anyone else has that ability." - Charlie

Runner-up: Charlie

Charlie is an apt attacker and midfielder, and a good co-ordinator of a team because of his passing ability and skill in slowing down the game to allow the best attack. But his tendancy to float in the attacking sector of the field meant that his impact wasn't as widespread as Guy over the entire season.

"Watching these two players in action is what inspired me to reach my current level of bucedom. In the advent of a "super 2's" format I cannot foresee this dynamic duo ever losing...unless of course Dawes & Ricky form a partnership" - Tim

Most Influencial in the Evolution of the Game, and how it is played.


As a player, Charlie didn't evolve the game and how it was played, as much as players like Ricky and the midfielders Alec, Evie and Tim. But beyond the game as a creator, he was irreplaceable. Charlie created the idea for Buce, and helped created the ground rules. He then, despite initial scepticism, introduced the ranged serving rule, with the promise it would evolve the game and add depth to the way it was played. He introduced Buce to the Front Group and laid out the vision for a competition, and then put all aspects of Buce on this very wiki. So even though he didn't influence the practical grass-roots playing of the game, as an organiser and creator, Buce wouldn't be the same without his input.

Runner-up: Ricky

Ricky epitomises what one person can do to evolve how people play Buce. His entry into the game created a need for fast, aggressive offense, and his enormous size and defensive technique created new methods of defending. Ricky, with his enormous size, invented the technique of lunging his foot over the bin to kick the hackeysack out before it went in, something no one could ever do so easily. He also perfected the screening technique of simply moving his body in the way of any opponent with the hackeysack. His defensive (and marking) skills were the most ferocious in the game. He invented (and to this day is the only person) who serves the hackeysack at you rather than to you, so no one can intercept the slow pass. By being the biggest and best at many skills, Ricky has improved the playing style and skill of Buce itself.

Similarly to the introduction of the three point line in basketball to give white bread a chance, the presence of Ricky on the buce field lead to the introduction of the three square rule and thus preserving the fast paced origins of buce - Tim

Most Valuable Team Player


When Tim started out, he was, albeit occasional highlights, a rather quiet player. But his growth from a slightly above average player to an invaluable powerhouse is just something no one could have really seen. His methods of passing and co-ordination are spectacular. He is the best blocker in the game, and, being the person to be hit to the ground most often, he is the most sacrificing.

"Tim, with no trigger or influence, flourished so quickly that I didn't know what to think. But I have since been ever so impressed." - Charlie

Runner-up: Alec

Alec's work as Best Midfielder is probably why he almost won this award. He is also a player who puts his body on the line constantly, much like Tim.

Most Valuable Individual Player


Charlie's ability to consistantly score goals is probably why he was voted for this award. In offense, there is no one that can really do what he does, and so often, so in terms of a position (in this case an attacking player), and the person most valuable to that position, Charlie takes the cake.

"Basically if you have Charlie on your team you'll win 80-90% of your matches" - Guy

Runner-ups: Lewis and Guy

Guy's general work around the field means he is a huge asset to any team that has him. Lewis is wholey valued as a defender and being so consistant the position as 'server'.

Rookie of the Year

Nick Allan, Dawes and Cherrie

I don't know what to say about Nick, But Cherrie, since his late entry, has impressed us with his solid defense. He is living proof that you don't need skill to beat others in Buce. Dawes controversially entered the game of Buce for one game, scoring a double buce on his first touch and scoring several points after that. Dawes probably would have won this award hands down, if so many were against the idea of actually allowing him to win an award.

"He's so tall, but he actually has skill" Tim, refering to Dawes

Runner-ups: Wilson, Vuk and Joel

Wilson was the sole reason the Front Team won their introductory match in the Buce League, and is by far the most talented player in the Front Team. Joel has exceptional talent for someone who plays so rarely and entered the game so late. And Vuk's refusal to play Buce ever, until the last ever game, was beautiful in itself, let alone the skill he possessed whilst playing.

Evie getting ready to move to get the hackeysack. This was a rare occurrance.

Laziest Player


What can you say? When you spend a year standing idle next to the bin, eating a sandwich and only ever moving one foot to get the hackeysack, what else award are you going to win? For the first season, Evie could be dynamite with the hackeysack, but only when you passed it to him so finely that he didn't have to move to hit it in the bin. Now, he works hard in Buce, since the ranged serve rule. He has become a great midfielder, but that image of him will never leave us.

"Evie Scores Buce!" - Guy's famous phrase which he would scream whenever Evie scored

"Omg, Evie moved!" - Charlie's phrase which he would scream whenever Evie moved (this was just as rare as him scoring a buce)

Runner-up: Chen, Willem, Cherrie and Tom Langsford

All these guys are pretty lazy in their own way. The only thing that stopped them from winning this award was simply Evie's enormous contribution to the lazy side of Buce.

Worst Player

Tom Langsford

Tom is famous for his unco-ordinated belly thrust to score points. It rarely comes off, and he never really moves away from the bin, in the silent hope that he will score. The first time he played against the Front Team, the entire team fell on the floor laughing when they saw Tom do his thrust. Poor guy.

"Tom is so shit, what the fuck is up with his serve?" - Guy

Runner-up: Oldie

He tries so hard but unfortunately, nothing ever comes off. Kudos to his perserverance though, he played Buce daily and never gave up.

Most Dangerous Player


Ever since his start, Ricky created a reputation for being the most dangerous player. His reckless behaviour was noted and ever since he has been giving injuries to all buce players.

Player who has no skill but still tries his hardest


As mentioned above, James Thomas is a very dedicated player. He played almost daily, always going for the hackeysack and never giving up. But it was a shame that nothing came off for him.

Runner-up: Cherrie and Tom Langsford

Charlie cursing unnessecarily after Lewis blocked him from scoring a point.

These players also played almost daily, and Tom gave every bit of effort he could. In a few years of playing they might rise up as internation contenders, you never know.

Angriest/Most Serious Player


Every player has a low side. Charlie's is his monstrous temper and inability to cope with teammates who sometimes mess up. In high-stress games like the Buce League matches, which actually meant something, the heat, taunting and other players often caused him to swear and curse at everything that moved. Of course, he always used athsma attacks and "the lack of oxygen going to my head makes me agitated" excuse, but seriously, would he be any different anyway?

"Do it again and I'll hit you in the face." - Charlie's antagonistic comments easily contributed to his nomination and win of this award.

"Charlie took the game by far the most seriously but when you are such an intrumental force in the game of buce it's a certainty that you'll expect too much from your team. Although he still remains the only player ever to cause another buce player (LEWIS) to leave the game due to his behaviour" - Guy

Runner-up: Mitch

Frustrated at his lack of skill after his entry to Buce, Mitch violently stole the game hackeysack, and spent days kicking it against the wall in order to become a fantastic player. When it didn't come off, Mitch resorted to temper tantrums and swearing at his friends, in order to excuse himself from playing Buce anymore. He was the reason the Front Team didn't turn up to their 3rd match. And unlike Charlie, he didn't invent the game and have expectations to fulfill, so was it really necessary?

Funniest Player

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